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  • Scalability and mobile gaming

    We begun collaborating with MediaTonic on a new mobile based empire building game based on a well known television series, princpially working in the server-side and scalability arena.

  • API's all around!

    We begun collaborating with R-Cubed to provide a web based API for nationwide insurers to integrate customer analytics data directly into call centres.

  • .NET Regular Expression Designer 2 released

    We released the second version of our regular expression tool which was a complete overhaul modernising the UI and introducing a raft of new features.

  • Practice & Provider Monitor and Hospital Marketing Manager

    We begun collaborating with Dr Foster to help them get the next generation of two of their leading products to market.

  • .NET Dependency Walker released

    We released our dependency checking tool for .NET to the public.

  • StudyGroup PayOnline

    We begun collaborating with StudyGroup to deliver PayOnline, an online payment portal for their students to pay course fees and sundries across a variety of payment methods.

  • Teletext Holidays

    We begub collaborating with Artirix to deliver a refined Teletext Holidays online experience.

  • .NET Regular Expression Designer released

    We released our regular expression tool to the public. This tool allows you to easily edit and test expressions against the .NET framework and includes syntax highlighting and built in help.

  • Location, location!

    Workshell relocates to another seaside resort, Brighton in the south-east of England, only an hours train ride from the London.

  • First public software released

    We release our first software for public consumption mainly aimed at software developers, network administrators and power users.

  • Workshell founded

    Workshell was founded by Lloyd Kinsella in his home town of Blackpool in the north-west of England.

    The original company acted as a vehicle for the founders freelance work whilst completing education and included early interesting projects such as a way to detect things like a VMware host from within the client operating system.